Official Sunderland Update

Dear Sunderland Supporters, Friends, and Family
It is with great regret that we were unable to get the approval of the Cabo San Lucas Port Captain to allow us to take Sunderland to dry dock for repairs. The ship was definitely able to be repaired and we have no doubt we would have been fully operational to provide thousands of more smiles for Cabo tourists. 
This was not a question of funds. We had the funds thanks to your generous donations which will be returned shortly. 
We also wish to thank Corona and COMEX for title sponsoring (or being ready to sponsor) the complete repair of the ship along with private party funding. 
The port captain did not allow us to take her for repairs and despite huge efforts with lawyers we were unable to overturn his decision. 
It is not only a huge loss to the maritime community and Cabo tourism but also to the thousands of friends the ship has made over the years. With regret Sunderland will no longer be able to cruise the children who we provided free passage to yearly. However these trips will be continued in our sister ship Cabo Legend. 
Sunderland was one of the last few remaining historic sailing ships operating worldwide. A true testament to ships built in England in 1885. 
The Sunderland crew and family wish to extend a very special thanks to Admiral Froylen of the Sector Naval Cabo San Lucas and the entire Sector Naval de Secretaria de Marina Armada de Mexico for the help and assistance in the final days of Sunderlands history. 
Sunderlands spirit will continue as her masts were donated to API for display purposes for all the guests who visit Cabo San Lucas by sea. 
Many key components of the ship with historic value will become part of a maritime museum as part of APIs installations for the general public. 
These are the final days of 128 years of service for Sunderland. 
For further information or pieces of the ship please contact us.